Traditional Vs Modern CRM: Which one do you follow for your Business?

2 min readApr 9, 2021


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the interactions between a client and its customers. CRM is important to analyze trends and behaviours to enhance their overall experience to build stronger relationships and loyalty. This helps the brands to increase sales, improve customer experience, and increase profits.

Over the years, CRM by businesses has developed. Traditionally it was all done manually, but now there are CRM software systems to take care of it.

  • Traditional CRM was used to nurture existing customer relationships, but Automated CRM focuses on retaining existing customers and converting prospects easily. It focuses on building long-term relationships with customers.
  • Earlier companies did not follow a systematic process of collecting customer information and stored it manually in handwritten notes, laptops, huge spreadsheets. But now, with technological enhancements, CRM software systems, stores all your data using features such as sales dashboards & reports in one place on the cloud. These systems enable us to maintain centralized, easy-to-use databases across the organisation.
  • Customers contact on a lot of platforms such as calls, emails or social media to ask questions or complaints. With a traditional CRM system, these customer queries got missed or remained unrecorded since it was all done manually, but in CRM software, there’s a common platform that tracks all the customer interaction and provides a faster response. It lets you provide instant gratification to dissatisfied customers.
  • In the past, the brands did not focus on personalised campaigns or targeting their customers, since it was manually difficult to target each customer individually, but with the evolution of CRM systems, individual customer data gets collected. CRMs also allow users to create segments based on various parameters for specific targeting.

The key to a successful business is to make informed decisions & strategically plan. CRM is one such key feature that helps in monitoring business performance & identifying trends to increase revenue.

Ace by eWards is an automated Customer Relationship Management system, which lets you connect with your customer through highly tailored communication strategies. It helps to segment your customers based on behavioural patterns to create relevant automated campaigns for every individual. Its other features include tracking campaign efficiency, store all the data & analyse business performance through detailed reports.

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