Guest Management System

Simplify Customer Management with your GMS!

2 min readJan 12, 2021


A guest management system or GMS helps in effective queue management & enables businesses to maintain crowd control at the ground level. This automated system helps you manage your guests at the outlet and create personalized communication networks with them. Technological advances bring about new changes in the industry and assist businesses in managing their customers better.

Physically handling guest lists and trying to manage them can get quite hectic & isn’t cost-effective. Especially amidst the pandemic, it can be hard to maintain safety precautions while efficiently managing crowds. Here is when a guest management platform comes to the rescue.

Having your management system simplifies the process of handling guests, as it has the following features:

  1. Multiple Booking Channels: A guest management system has different reservation channels like online booking, on-spot reservation, etc, that helps your business run smoothly. Booking hotels, tickets, or tables is much easier when done online and is comfortable for a customer. It helps in managing the footfall better.
  2. 360-degree view of your outlet: It’s hard to manage queues from the front desk. Your GMS will show you a 360-degree view of the number of tables available or occupied, people waiting, a list of advanced bookings & more to help you manage your guests better.
  3. Engage your customers: Waiting in queues can be a frustrating experience for the customer. Keep your customers engaged through your GMS by sending them messages through your dashboard. Had to make your customer wait for ten minutes? You can compensate for their time lost by offering them coupons or cashback offers through such campaigns.
  4. Improve customer experience: Handling guests can be stressful for your staff. With an easy to use platform, your staff can be trained within a short period. The process of managing guests with a user-friendly system lessens the hassles of your workers and lets them work effectively.

Reserva by eWards is a guest management tool that offers your customers the best experiences in advanced bookings and in-house contact. Reserva has three interactive dashboards that give a complete overview of your outlet, effectively divided under In-house, waiting, and bookings. These dashboards have options that enable you to take orders, settle bills, collect payments, update customer databases, and even lets you call or send messages to the customers at any given point in their journey with your brand. In the age of scan and go applications and self check-out counters, Reserva lets you efficiently manage your crowd & transform your customer experience.

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