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All about the best Feedback tool out there!

2 min readJan 27, 2021


Have you ever received a notification right after you checkout from a store? The notification may contain a link that asks you to rate your experience with the brand and depending on how your experience was, you give your response. In case you have complaints, you can even talk to their customer care and get redressal of the issues. A feedback tool helps customers to share their experiences with the organization and acts as a self-correction tool for businesses.

Feedback forms have indeed revolutionized, from handwritten surveys to digital survey forms on tablets to forms sent on your device. Loop by eWards is a multi-feature customer feedback management platform that allows you to automate the feedback collecting process of your business. In case you are wondering about its features & how it can act as a versatile tool for your business, here’s your guide:

  1. Omnichannel experiences: Gone are the days of physically filling up feedback forms. Having digital feedback forms is a sustainable option and helps in the analysis of customer feedback. Loop lets you manage feedback forms that are available via multiple channels such as websites, mobile app, QR codes, and other options to make the process of requesting feedback from clients easy.
  2. Turning responses into insights: Traditional feedback forms acted like surveys that had to be interpreted to get effective results, which was a time-consuming task. Going digital with Loop can accelerate this process. The system helps you get a detailed analysis along with sneak peeks into your customer’s thoughts.
  3. Seamless integration: Loop is a fully integrated system. The smooth functioning of a feedback form to create useful insights depends on seamless integration with the POS system, CRM system, customer application, and the business application.
  4. Real-time feedback reporting system: This is an advanced feature in Loop that notifies you instantly if there is any negative feedback. The real-time feedback reporting system allows for prompt redressal of the customer’s issues.
  5. Sentiment analysis: Dive deep and analyze the different sentiments of the customers via the Customer Satisfaction Score. This particular feature in Loop allows for an informed decision-making process.

Loop is packed with all the advanced features that you need to stand out against your competitors. With its omnichannel experience, multiple response types, real-time feedback reporting system, sentiment analysis, and seamless integration, it generates detailed analytics for you. Apart from these, Loop also comes with options that let you manage incentives and rewards integrated with your loyalty program from a single dashboard itself.

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