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CRM Software is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Businesses all over the world are adopting the software in a widespread manner, from small businesses to global organisations. A CRM is known to increase customer retention rates by a minimum of 27% resulting in higher profits after each…

Covid-19 is a threat to both life and livelihoods of people. It has deeply affected life in the outside world. This pandemic has put us in a situation where certain questions have been arisen by the corporate world that cannot be answered with certainty:

  • How long will this pandemic last?

Business Intelligence is a powerful data analytics software that can support decision making by providing a historical, current and predictive view of business operations. It can process large amounts of data and process them into useful functionalities like reporting, analytics, business performance management, predictive analytics, benchmarking, data and text mining.

  • Can you identify and engage customers online?
  • Can you segment customers on the possibility that they will buy your product?
  • Can you individually measure the revenue contribution of your marketing campaigns?

We bet that you cannot do all this without using marketing automation software!

What is Marketing Automation?

Automating repetitive…

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a way of delivering software applications over the internet. One of the easiest ways to understand its model is by thinking of writing an email or using video conferencing. If you have to write an email, you don’t have to install a software or get some additional…

What is the one major difference between businesses that are successful and those that are failing?

Let us tell you. The reason being, the crucial utilisation of business intelligence software implemented with the increasing competition in every sector of the business environment. …

What will you do if you can predict your future revenue?

You might think that it may not be possible?

As most business owners would focus on predicting their future revenue some might find ways to maximise it using the same ability. Business Intelligence software is one such tool that…

Written by Sbagri

Customer experience has taken a complete turn in today’s era. Modern technologies have given us the power to adopt new ways to improve and personalize our customer’s experience.

ACE is a customer experience management tool which helps business to use Omni-channel ways of communication and marketing to their customers. Personalization…

She always wears a bright smile on her face and tries to tackle every challenge with her calmness- but she can also make a serious face now and then and still be one of the friendliest colleagues you’ll meet- Introducing Sweta, who started as the quiet but avid listener and…

With technology taking over the world, the buzz for marketing automation is increasing within businesses due to its revenue-generating potential and cost-saving benefits. There are many questions in the minds of organisations regarding the above subject, including:

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a software that automates the marketing…


eWards is an all-in-one solution to manage your business from anywhere. The extensive suite of feature-rich connected products enhances customer experience.

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